Tuesday 8 February 2011

Flying Solo

Sandy has had to go back to work, which means Naomi and I are taking on the daytimes together!  We knew this day would come but it makes us sad, we like having Daddy at home, however we tackled it for the first time yesterday and it went quite well.

It so happened that our first appointment with the health visitor was also yesterday, she seems like a nice enough lady and I was very pleased when she told us that Naomi has now regained the weight she lost from birth (this is perfectly normal) but weighs 3oz more than when she was born, so she is now 7lb 8oz and obviously the fact that she is gaining weight is all good news :-)

After the health visitor had been we went to meet Daddy at his work and had some lunch, Naomi loves being in her buggy so she enjoyed the walk there and back very much and even the detour to the post office to pick up a missed parcel!

By the time Sandy got home we were pleased to see him and he was pleased to see us, he had found it somewhat strange to be away from Naomi all day having been around so much up until that point on top of which, returning to work after 2 weeks off is always tiring even if the reason you were off doesn't keep you up at night!! (Although, she is still, by baby standards, an incredible sleeper, she isn't all that great compared to 2 adults!!)

I guess you are all wondering why I haven't cut to the chase and shown you some more pictures, so here goes!!

We are still working out exactly how to tie it but this is a very useful new sling we were bought by my big sister!!

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