Thursday 3 February 2011

Beginnings of a routine

Before I get on with the bulk of this post I just wanted to say thank you lots to everyone who has sent us lovely cards and presents, we feel a little overwhelmed if we are honest by all the beautiful things that have been showered upon us (before and) since Naomi was born!

However, I thought I would share with you a quick update on how we are doing.  We are just taking each day as it comes and playing most things by ear but we are very quickly developing a "sort of" routine that involves a lot of sleeping, eating and walks in the afternoon to help with that part of the day that Naomi isn't so keen on!

We were discharged by the midwife today, she is quite happy with Naomi and happy that Sandy and I are coping well.  We will meet our health visitor on Monday, well I will, Sandy will have gone back to work.  I can't decide whether it is good or bad that the health visitor will first see us on the first day we are left to cope without daddy!!

Noami continues to sleep pretty well through the night, at least by newborn standards and we are beginning to develop a bed time routine too, although it is still incredibly fluid, depending on what kind of nap Naomi has been having!

Soon we will start to attend some baby groups and things that are run here in Loughborough, I am keen to find some that are not run by the church, I don't want to start living in a "Holy bubble" but with a surestart centre round the corner we should manage just fine!!

So, all in all we are doing well, and for my parting quip I shall give you some more photos, we all know that's the only reason you have read this far!

I love how newborn she looks here

I may have taken a lot of photos of her sleeping!

Naomi in a very cute sleep suit trying to persuade me she should be allowed 5 more minutes of being asleep!
From where I was looking the cheek on hand thing looked even more cute than this!


  1. So sweet!! Thanks for the photos!

  2. Oh Looking at these I'd like another one! ( Okay I have 3 already !) so maybe not .. but ahhhh !