Saturday 18 June 2011


Naomi and I go to lots of groups through the week, we thought you might like to learn about what we do in a week.  In fact, we (could) go to something every day, so here are the things we go to.

Monday: Little people.  This is a group run by Emmanuel Church (a local CofE church) there is space for the babies but also with lots of toddlers too.  There is a Christian story and some songs at the end, but largely it is just a space to play and for Mums (or Dads) to talk.  It reminds me lots of Kids & Co (for my friends from Oldmachar).

Tuesday: Bumps and Babies - this a group for Mums with small babies to come and chat about the joys (and challenges) of being a Mum.  Soon though I think we might swap this group for another called Chatterbabies, which is designed to help babies develop their communication skills, through songs and stories.

Wednesday: Under 1s.  This is my favourite group of the week, as the name suggests, it is for babies under 1.  There are lots of age appropriate toys and activities to do, this is the group in which Naomi did her first ever picture.

Thursday: this is often a quieter day for us, as Naomi is often napping during "Wriggly Readers" but if she is awake we go down to the library for story time and songs, if she is not we go to the library at a different time and take out some books for she and I to read over the coming week (at the moment we are reading "Fantastic Mr Fox")

Friday:  Open Heaven has a cell group for Mums and we go to this every second Friday morning, on the weeks it is not on (and sometimes even on the weeks it is) we go to a group called Little Stars which is for babies and toddlers up to 18 months, it is a fun group with lots of toys to play with and some messy play things (though we haven't really got into those yet, we probably will once Naomi can sit up) - it is a nice group, though I sometimes get a little stressed out trying to stop the toddlers accidentally standing on Naomi.

Saturday: we don't have any groups on a Saturday but we do have Daddy at home so that makes it all okay!!

Sunday: no groups as such but we do have church which can be classed as an activity for our wee girl, she loves the songs and getting to see all her friends at church

And, on that subject here is a picture of Naomi holding hands with her friend Bethan (who is only 3 weeks younger that Naomi) though sorry their faces are so obscured!

Naomi is the one that is "upside down" - in case you aren't sure!


  1. cute~!
    and thanks for sharing what you do each day. it's nice to have something you can go to everyday, isn't it? have a fun Thursday at the library tomorrow!

  2. Ah well, this week is all different because Cat is here!