Wednesday 21 September 2011


By popular demand, here is a brief clip of Naomi crawling. We promise we'll get a longer-distance clip when she allows one to be filmed! It also demonstrates her primary motivation for crawling: playing with something we'd rather she didn't play with (okay, mummy's bag isn't too bad, but such objects include dirty nappies [while still not yet in a fresh one], hairbrushes, bins, computer 'off' switches, and pans [on a shelf mind]). The house has become considerably more tidy over the past few days as a result.

We also thought you might like to see the fun that can be had with a sock. She was going mental like this for about 20 minutes! (depressingly we also know every note of the tunes that the flashing device behind her can make, except for when Naomi figures out how to get it to play a previously-unheard tune, which happens surprisingly often.)

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