Wednesday 28 September 2011

Just Jay!

Once you have a baby life is always changing and just recently I have implemented a change of my own.  I've been trying for weeks now to think of a way I might be able to make a little money to help ease the financial strain of our favourite expense, Naomi!  I really didn't want to do anything that would mean extended periods of childcare for Naomi, partly because I didn't want to pay but also because Sandy and I want me to be a stay at home Mum, that was the plan and that is how we'd like to keep it.

I toyed with various ideas for "cottage industries" from baking gluten free food to sewing of various things, but for various reasons none of those ideas were quite right.  I was getting quite frustrated as Naomi was napping much more predictably and reliably and I wanted to be able to make better use of that time.

Well, a few night's ago I decided that I was going to make two birthday cards for some friends here in Loughborough, I got down all my card making stuff and started to put together some designs.  I was very happy as it is something I enjoy doing and I loved the end result.  As I did this, it came to me.  I make lovely cards, there is no reason I couldn't sell them.

So that is where the idea began and now it is a little business for me.  Albeit so far only from friends I know, but I have already had orders for 21 cards and will happily take more.  I am more than happy to personalise them for you!  So if you want to see what I am up to, or even if you want to buy, then have a look at Just Jay's blog or even the facebook page.

One of my favourite creastions

I'm really excited about this little venture, I really hope it works out :-)

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