Monday 12 September 2011

We've been on our own!

Many of you will know that this weekend Sandy has been in Milan for the Formula 1 Grand Prix.  He was there for a friend's stag do and Naomi and I have been home alone! We've had quite a nice time though, who needs Daddy!!

On Friday we just went about our normal business, which on this week meant going to Mum's group (a few Christian Mums who get together once a fortnight to discuss being Christian Mums!) although afterwards we also hung out with our good friends Lucy and Bethan (Bethan is only 3 weeks younger than Naomi).

On Saturday I was a bit worried about filling the day, we normally have fun with Daddy and of course there are no groups or anything like that at the weekend.  About half way through the day though, I found enough get up and go to take us swimming, and as usual Naomi really enjoyed herself and we had a blast.

That night I had a chinese take-away (thanks Mum and Dad) and made the most of having the remote control all to myself (although the TV was still rubbish, I did get to see Doctor Who, though)

Sunday was a lovely day, with Church in the morning.  For the first time Naomi went into the creche on her own (without me, or last week my Mum!) and she was good as gold.  She didn't make a fuss at all and this meant I could listen to the talk without being distracted by her various (and increasing) wriggles!

Afterwards we went to have lunch with Lucy and Bethan and also Finlay and Phil (Lucy and Phil are Mum and Dad, Finlay and Bethan the children) so I stocked up on some lovely beef stew and Naomi thought it was delicious too :-) we came home and played and before we knew it bedtime was upon us.

Today we went to the baby group we normally attend on a Monday, although it was the first one back for us since the summer holidays.  Then this afternoon we played with our friends Melanie, Daniel and Grace (who turned one today!).  Many thanks too, to Melanie for replacing the music box I broke over the weekend, Naomi found it much easier to fall asleep tonight.  Why do these things always break when you are on your own?

One thing that hasn't been quite so easy over the weekend is that Naomi is going through a bit of a phase with food.  She doesn't want me to feed her because she is in "independent" kind of girl.  The trouble is she isn't very good at feeding herself and so she has been kind of hungry some of the time but still not letting me help.  That said, she is willing to make an exception for some foods, yoghurt and custard being very near the top of the list.  Many of you have seen this photo but here is my beautiful girl plastered in custard after her dinner last night!

I think you've got a bit on your face there, Love!
Daddy gets home tonight and we can't wait!

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