Sunday 7 September 2014


Jay and I have been doing the "traditional" anniversary presents since year 1. On the face of it, this can be quite fun, though some years it gets pretty interesting. I also suspect that now we're in to double figures it might get expensive too, unless some careful application of imagination is made! To make life easier we occasionally jump in to the US present list - you can get the gist of it all here.

This year was steel (11). Having already engaged the private services of a foundry to cast me something for the iron present, I felt that I'd scale back a little for this one. On the "boring" side, I got Jay a very big steel pot for the kitchen (something she's been after for a while). To make it more of a present, I went for a bit more thought on the card, which comprised a host of celebrity endorsements...
Here we have: Remington Steele, Lord Steel of Aikwood, the man of steel, steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, and the Krustyburglar.

Jay's contribution was on somewhat similar lines, although perhaps better thought out...

Comedy gold. Except that it's framed in steel.

Okay, we think similar things. Better get married or something :-)

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