Thursday 11 September 2014


In July we made a visit to my parents for a few days. We've already shared the beach trip with you, but now we catch up on the other activities.

It's just weird seeing the girls playing with my old toys. Quite nice that they enjoy them so much though.

Here are the girls with pretend umbrellas. Really.

My parents are thinking about a downsize of house at some point, so part of the trip was an exercise in sorting out some of my many things that are still stored there. This is the model railway that my brother and I put together - it's about 20x6 feet so doing anything with it is a mammoth task! In fact you can probably tell it's still not quite finished. We've made a start on sorting out some of the unused bits that will hopefully find a new home quite quickly.

I've also started sifting through my old drawings and school stuff. I'll probably post some more gems at some point, but I quite enjoyed this comment on something I wrote in P7 (so age 10-11). Good thing I dropped the crazy ideas :-)

A wee bit of golf at Fraserburgh with my Dad and Ian. To give you an idea of the skill level involved, a good trip is one in which we come back with more balls than we left with.

Something for the non-Scot readers - a sea haar coming in. The scourge of many an otherwise fine day.

Lots of fun with a cartie in the garden...

Also a bit of help for Dad, who in retirement is catching up on all those maintenance jobs. Fun with scaffolding ahoy!

I was quite impressed with how good a picture my phone camera seems to manage.

The main reason for the above picture though was to show you what Miriam was so fascinated by...

Finally, my parents have a clematis growing on the front of their house. It produces the most brilliant seed heads - I was trying to work out who they most reminded me of - what do you think?

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