Tuesday 9 September 2014


With the impending arrival of child #3, we've moved the girls into a bunk bed. Words cannot express how exciting bed time became for the first few weeks (just what's needed when trying to sleep!), nor how long the time between going to the shop to look at the bed and actually receiving it and putting it together felt.

When it first arrived a couple of months ago, we felt that Miriam still wasn't quite ready for a big bed, so she stayed in the cot. My Dad was here at the time and he helped put it together, making the bed even more exciting. The first few nights it was just set up as a single (the bunk really being two single bed made to be stacked). Here's Naomi enjoying her first night...

Soon enough, I managed to finish the other bed and Naomi took her place at the top of the castle. She helped put the ladder together (really well as it happens) and is very good about climbing up and down carefully. The only issue is that now she's got ready access to the light switch.

A few nights ago, Miriam made the transition to big girl bed. Here she is enjoying a book on one of the last nights in the cot:

And here she is getting in to the big bed for the first time...

Naomi is now very happy to be sharing with her sister! Miriam was very good at not trying to escape, and both were very good the morning after. Long may it continue!

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