Monday 15 September 2014

Scrunchy Crunchy Chicken

Naomi loves cooking/baking/helping in the kitchen and in the name of encouraging this behaviour I try to let her, although, if I am honest I find it all a little stressful and would rather just get on with it by myself!

Today's dinner is "scrunchy crunchy chicken" from Naomi's ever useful "I can cook" cook book (thanks to Auntie Liz for getting it for Naomi, I'm not even being sarcastic!)

Here she is chopping up some bacon, she chopped some cooked chicken the same way

Here she is popping the stalk out of a pepper, she then tears it up into pieces the right size.

Here she is making the sauce (we just made it in the cream pot to save on washing up later!), cream, flour, a stock cube, pepper and sage

Using a pastry brush to "paint" the filo pastry with melted butter

Before scrunching it up

And proud of the finished article (well apart from when I cook it later on)

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