Tuesday 5 February 2013

Dear Tooth Fairy...

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I know you normally come into action when teeth start falling out, but I find it necessary to write a letter of complaint and I wouldn't know who else to send it to.


The thing is, Naomi's nappies are just hideous just now and I put this squarely down to the coming in of her four remaining teeth.  I have only limited energy just now as I am also trying to rear a small baby and the extra washing is not appreciated, neither is the extra time spent trying to persuade a wriggly toddler to lie still.

Also, the sleepless nights are not all that ideal either.  They could be worse and I don't know for sure that teeth have any part in the problem but I would quite like them to stop now, like I say, I'm already dealing with a little baby and that takes up quite enough of my night time.

Also, and this is the most important thing.  When I look at Naomi chewing on her hands and trying to make herself feel better I just want to make it all better.  So if you can just arrange for the last few teeth to appear, and soon, so this stage of her life can just be over, that would be much appreciated.


Naomi's Mummy

P.S.  If you can arrange for Miriam's teeth to come in without any drama that would also be considered a good thing!

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