Friday 22 February 2013


I've saved up a few videos over the past couple of weeks. Here we go...

Naomi spent a few minutes doing a jack-in-the-box thing with a toy caterpillar and one of Miriam's baby toys. Of course, when the camera came out that was much more interesting! Here we also see an example of some of her over-enthusiasm when playing with her sister.

Miriam's learning how to play - here she is enjoying her baby gym...

Playing extends to holding on to things like rattles, which she's getting pretty good at! She's also getting the hang of using her vocal chords - here she is singing as she did all of yesterday.

Here's Naomi having a go at singing The Wheels on the Bus, with Mummy helping her to sing the monkey song.

Finally, Naomi insisted that Teddy joined us for breakfast this morning...

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