Wednesday 27 February 2013


Many of you will be aware already that our oven died at the weekend, and our landlord most impressively quickly replaced it with a shiny new one. Just before the incident (and entirely unrelated), our date night last week consisted of our first shot at making chocolate eclairs.

Fresh out of the oven

The best looking one!

We used Mary Berry's Baking Bible and it turns out they were really quite easy to do. Yes, they tasted incredible!

Naomi also had a go at baking at the weekend. She and I were making things with some play-doh, and I made a small box shape. She then stuck a sausage-shaped bit on the top and started singing the birthday song to me! She even blew out the pretend candle.

I thought I'd close with a picture of Miriam yesterday. We were asked for a photo of her, and this is with us trying to get her to smile. Maybe next time!

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