Tuesday 19 February 2013


Now Naomi has the chance to watch her Mummy and Daddy looking after a baby, she's got a whole new take on how to play with Dolly. It's wonderful watching her be so caring (and often she's more gentle with Dolly than with Miriam, to our concern...). This post has been in the making for ages so some of the pictures are a little old now.

Dolly having a go a the baby gym


Even breast feeding!

Dolly has a bath. (Dolly has also visited the real bath, about a year ago but her body is made of fabric so she had to spend a while in the airing cupboard after that incident)

Dolly really likes the bouncy chair!

The potty is also unexpectedly fun too.

Toothbrushing has become much harder now Naomi insists on brushing Dolly's  teeth at the same time as we do hers.

Miriam has had conjunctivitis for the past few days and has had a lot of eye cleaning. Apparently Dolly was also infected.

Naomi is getting the hang of being gentle with her sister, and makes her best effort to console her.

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