Saturday 2 February 2013

Things I thought I'd never do...

"I'll never do that!" "I'll never say that!"

We all have things we thought we would never do or say with or to our children, someone I follow on twitter thought they'd never use alcohol hand gel after a nappy change, they'd always wash their hands properly.  They *thought* that's what they'd do!

So here are some things I'd heard parents do, that I genuinely thought I'd never, ever do (but do)!

  1. I do actually put my finger inside my children's noses to remove snot!
  2. Let my child have a fourth biscuit in ten minutes because I just don't have the energy to say no any more.
  3. Make a cup of tea that I not only don't finish but in fact don't even start.
  4. Give my child a biscuit to make it be quiet.
  5. Put cbeebies on to babysit my child for a minute or ten.
  6. Walk my child around in a buggy for an hour in the vain hope that it will make them fall asleep.
  7. Use a dummy
  8. Leave the house already covered in sick and aware of this fact without first changing my clothes.
  9. Shout at my child (Although I suspected this one might prove too hard, I had this crazy idea I would remain calm and in control and always use appropriate non-shouting discipline)
  10. Use my finger, covered in my own saliva, to clean a child's face.

And in related but happier news, I never really thought I'd paint with my child, I thought it would stress me out to much but here is Naomi and I enjoying a happy afternoon painting pictures (Miriam did some footprints too)

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  1. I never thought I'd be nervous about holding babies. It's so different when they're my godchildren adn nieces and nephew.